Dave’s Atomic Hot Sauce varieties change over time due to different plantings and blendings year by year, and availability changes due to the limited amount of bottles from each growing season.

Remember this is home-grown goodness and that’s always a limited commodity!

All varieties have garlic. The Double Garlic variety is the Classic Blend with twice the garlic.

***NEW NEW NEW ***
Introducing the first “Dave’s Atomic NOT Hot Sauce with Garlic”
Poblano (single pepper – sweet)
***NEW NEW NEW ***

On the Mild Side
Mariachi (single pepper – mild)
Hot Banana (single pepper – mild)
Double Garlic (blend – medium mild)

Classic (blend – medium)
Cayenne (single pepper – medium)
Jalapeno (single pepper – medium)
Salsa (single pepper – medium)

On the Hot Side
Jalapeno-Habanero (blend – medium HOT)
Habanero (single pepper – HOT)
Scotch Bonnet (single pepper – HOT) (**sold out**)
Ghost (single pepper – HOT HOT) (**sold out**)
Carolina Reaper (single pepper – HOT HOT HOT) (**sold out**)