Photo Gallery

Peppers 2018
Garlic 2016
Dupage Care Center Fair 2017
Jalapenos and Cayenne
Yorkville Jr. Women’s Club Fair, May 5, 2019
Winfield Farmers’ Market, July 17, 2019
Anna is home for a visit and helping today. Always helpful to have a Ph.D. candidate in horticulture around! July 17, 2019.
Final picking. October 11, 2019
Carolina Reaper, October 2019.
Reaper gang. You got to be really hot stuff to get in.
Last day at Winfield Farmers’ Market, October 23, 2019. Getting chilly!
Trees and Treasures craft show, November 2, 2019, Wesley United Methodist church, Aurora, IL.
Victory Center Craft Fair, Bartlett, IL, November 9, 2019. Wife Ruth and daughter Laura help out.
Bottle art!
And we can’t leave out caps and reducers!
Carolina Reaper, new in 2019. Very hot bandito brothers! Guns ablazing!