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Dave’s Atomic Hot Sauce with Garlic
The perfect blend of home-grown, pesticide-free peppers and garlic.

Go here to read about many of the healthy benefits of hot peppers: 


Dave started growing peppers and garlic in 2011 for his wife, who struggles with arthritis and fibromyalgia, because her doctors told her to eat hot spices.
Dave asked, “Why?”
They said, “Because hot spices help reduce inflammation and swelling in the body.”
Dave said, “That doesn’t make sense. Hot spices are irritating.”
The doctors said, “Only to your stomach and other mucus membranes like your mouth, nose, and eyes. They reduce swelling and inflammation in the rest of your body.”

Dave and his wife had never liked hot sauce but a friend said that growing your own is much better. So Dave decided to try.

The first year he grew several kinds of peppers and threw whatever grew together. Dave loved garlic and thought it would add flavor so he threw that in also. Dave really liked his hot sauce. Dave’s wife wasn’t as sure, but he’s still working on her. He decided to name it Dave’s Atomic Hot Sauce with Garlic because that seemed like a good name.

The sauce was well received by Dave’s hot-sauce-loving friends, many of whom thought it was the best they had ever tasted! This encouraged Dave to grow more the next year with other varieties of peppers with different flavors and heat levels. Dave also started experimenting with different blends. After several years there are about a dozen varieties.

Dave continues to get surprisingly good comments and more surprisingly repeat customers! If you want to buy some, please reach out using Dave’s email at daves.atomic.hotsauce@gmail.com. He also sells at local craft shows. If he can get his act together, he will start publicizing dates and locations of his shows beforehand.

Thanks to you hot-sauce lovers who are buying Dave’s Atomic. And thanks to many others who want to try it. Don’t let your past perceptions of hot sauce deter you! Dave’s Atomic is different.

Dave likes to say, “If you love hot sauce, you will really love my hot sauce. And if you don’t like hot sauce, it’s because you haven’t tried my hot sauce.” 

Dave’s Atomic – Redefining Hot Sauce!